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Alexis Boente


MSc. BD Economic


Getting a job in this competitive world, where there are so many good and well-trained specialists. I offer my business and academic experience of more than 20 years of service, backed by a degree in Economics and a Masters University Graduate with over 20 specialist, said in a Management Area to finish with my specialization and achieve high productivity by working team.

Jan-2010 / present (1 year 2 months) Professor, Universidad Bolivariana
Developing university teaching in 3 disciplines as Systems Engineering, Social Management, Environmental Management, Business Administration and SMEs
Education area, industry, education, Venezuela

Apr-2007 / Dec 2007 (8 months) Adviser, Ministry of Agriculture and Land




• 2007 – Ministry of Agriculture and Land (MAT) in Caracas .

• 2003 – 2007: Head of Business Systems Flora and Fauna. Address Management Systems and Telecommunications to offer all the National Company, to develop policies for the implementation of the NTI, advising the Branch and the provinces Economic Management and Accounting. Application Development for the Consolidation of the Accounting and Statistics in Business, which covers the whole country and the Ministry. • Extensive experience in Information and Analysis and development of computer systems, with more than 20 postgraduate specialization and research in various economic and business activity.

• 2002 – Company Commercial Specialist Tourism Flora & Fauna

• 2001 – Deputy Economic Archipelago, nature tourism.

• 2000 – Deputy Director of Resort Computer

• 2000 – Computer Head Hotel Villa Lupe Tourism.

• 1998 -1999 – Assistant Budget Villa Lupe, Tourism.

• 1997-1998 – ALMEST Control Real Estate Investment Group •

1988-1997 Professor at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Economics, professor, researcher, lecturer and professor of practical classes in subjects related to economics and computer science •

1986 Budget -1988 Geological Enterprise Centre contador.CURSOS GRADUATE (year, location and specialty) .

11/1988 Management System Database Data in Central University.

1 / 1989 Pascal Programming General Course at Central University.

1 / 1989 Management System Database dBASE III +, at Central University.

1 / 1989 Basic Education Course at Central University.

2 / 1989 Techniques of Optimization and Operations Research at Central University.

3 / 1989 The Computer as a Means of Education in Central University.

3 / 1989 editors and word processors, in Central University.

3 / 1989 Scheduling Algorithms in Central University.

4 / 1989 Special Education Course for Higher Education in Central University.

10/1989 Introduction to Computer Systems in Central University.

10/1989 Integrated Package FRAMEWORK II, Central University.

7 / 1990 Basic English Language Course at Central University.

7 / 1990 Basic Course in Philosophy, Central University.

12/1993 Management System Database FOXPROLAN in Central University.

1 / 1994 MODEMS via telecommunications course at University of Havana.

5 / 1994 Accounting Information Systems Management, University of Oviedo in Spain, Central University.

1995-1996 Study of Expertise: Marketing, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Investment Analysis, Data Transmission Network, Internet, Management Information Systems, Advanced Operating System, Database Management, Economic Evaluation-Assessment Proyectos.

2001 Development Projects, gesture, Esc Pictures MINBASOTRAS ACTIVITIES:

1991 – Certificate of Merit: Outstanding Work in Research, awarded by the Rector of the University Scientific Achievement Central.

1993-work research: Automated System Technical-Economic Evaluation and Investment Financial Poles Turísticos.

1993-Selected as a member of the Union of Science, which brings together the scientific staff and researchers with outstanding results.

Control Area Management, Agricultural industry, Venezuela

Apr-2007 / Apr-2008 (1 year) Advisory Agreement, Ministry of Agriculture and Land (MAT)
Take the automated control of the activities of the convention and MAT HR within the framework of ALBA, which includes all breaks país.Se States under the Convention to marry and reside in Venezuela. Right now I’m not empleo.Observaciones: The activities and functions within the economic and financial areas, make me qualified to decision making, leadership and effective communication, I can also deal with any professional challenge, because I work constantly to perfect all level, I have extensive experience in computer and systems analysis and development of nFormat, with more than 20 postgraduate specialization and research in various economic and business activity
Area Management / Managerial Gral, industry, Agro-Industry, Venezuela

Sep-1981 / Jul 1986 (4 years 10 months) Lic Economics and Master in Management University of Havana and Las Villas UCLV

Average: 4.38 (from 1 to 5)

ENGLISH: Oral Intermediate, Intermediate Writer
OFFICE: Advanced Management
DATABASE: Advanced Management
SETTING: Intermediate Management
GRAPHICS TOOLS: Basic Management
MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE: Advanced Management

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST: Integrated Management of the Company, design of management policies, marketing, marketing plan, production plans, Cost Analysis and Expense Application of New Information Technologies.
Automotive Mechanics and Repair: empirical experience in auto mechanics, electrical and general repairs, including PC hardware and software.
Automotive Driver: Experience in driving cars and motorcycles for more than 3 years
Images and Video: Knowledge in digital imaging, photography and video creation and assembly

Advanced knowledge: Financial Statement Analysis (999 months) (Tourism), Analysis and control of deviations, Armed Investment Portfolio, Consolidation of balances (Agro-Industry), Control Fixed Assets, Control amortization expenses, Budgetary Control, Control and monitoring of standard costs, Delimitation of cost centers, System Design Administrative  (Agro-Industry), Development of the income statement at the analytical level  (Tourism), Budgeting  (Tourism), Establishment of a cost accounting ( Tourism), Expression of dual currency balances, tax planning, Planning Accounting, Financial Planning, preparation of financial statements (Agro-Industry), Cash Projections Flow

Intermediate knowledge of: Armed business plans and operational projections, financial trusts Constitution, Policy coordination of funding, Expression of economic states according to the regulation of different countries
Basic knowledge: Estimated volatility, structuring initial public offering, management of risk hedging instruments

I have extensive experience in accounting and financial subsystems, but not in all its entirety, would fill gaps in the financial side I’ve got through the study and self-preparation that always characterized me as I have not worked in business practice.

Area: Administration, Human Resources, Accounting, Management Control, Management / Managerial Grail, International Marketing, Information Technology, Telemarketing, Education
Industry: Agriculture, Architecture, Banking / Finance, Consulting, Mass Consumption, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Pharmaceutical, Government, Internet, Legal, Manufacturing, Advertising / Marketing / Public Relations, Mining / Oil / Gas, Media, NGOs , Transport Air / Land, Other, Services, Entertainment, Design, Finance, Chemistry, Insurance, Supermarket / Hypermarket, Fishing, Forestry, Biotechnology, Telecommunications, Computers & Technology, Construction, Automotive, Health, Tourism, Hospitality, Printing, Holding, Real Estate, Steel, Textiles, Agro-Industry, Food, Food, Crafts, Information and Research, Mail, Editorial, Livestock, Health and Perfumery, Paper, Laboratory, Petrochemical, Retail, Transportation, Tobacco, Plastic Trade

Occupation: Manager

Gaviota S.A
ALMEST Investment Group
Higher Education Ministry
Ministry of Agriculture
Administrator and User Group Featured http://www.Emagister.com  http://grupos.emagister.com/msc_lcdo_alexis_boente_uclv__cuba_




Alexis Boentes Corcho




Datos personales:


  • Bachiller en Ciencias y  Letras
Medio Superior (1978-1981)
  • Licenciado en Economía
Superior: (1986)
-Docente, especialista en informática empresarial, planificación, contabilidad, inventarios y costes



  • Magíster Universitario en Gestión de Información en Pequeñas Organizaciones   (1996) UNESCO (UH-Cuba, UNAM-México y Murcia-España)


Estudio de  maestría, marketing, microeconomía, macroeconomía, análisis de inversiones, redes de transmisión de datos, Internet, gestión de información, sistemas operativos avanzados, sistema de gestión de bases de datos, evaluación económica de proyectos (1995-1996)



Experiencia Laboral:




Estudios de postgrados





Otras Actividades

20 Años activos de experiencia Laboral en diferentes empresas y Universidades 


Más de 15 Cursos de Postgrados y Especialización con sus correspondientes Certificados Acreditativos.




Otras actividades:


  • Autor, tutor, consultor y asesor de trabajos relacionados con la informática empresarial en trabajos de grado y diploma.
  • Miembro de Tribunales Científicos
  • Impartición de cursos y entrenamientos en diferentes empresas.
  • Profesor de cursos de maestrías
  • Participante como ponente en eventos científicos  nacionales y/o internacionales.
  • Docente – investigador, conferencista
  • Cuenta con la Categoría Docente de Profesor Asistente.
  • Experiencia en Pedagogía en la Educación Superior.







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